Terms & Condition


1. This document sets out the Terms & Conditions that govern our relationship with you and is part of the agreement between you and Poolbet, according to which Poolbet provides you with Services and access to our website (poolbet.world). These Terms & Conditions apply to all users of the website and associated Services. By accessing the website, you agree to be legally bound by these Terms & Conditions.

2. Please read the Terms carefully and if you do not accept the Terms, do not use the Website. The Terms shall also apply to all telephone betting and betting or gaming via mobile devices including downloadable applications to a mobile device (as if references to your use of the Website were references to your use of our telephone betting and/or mobile devices betting facilities).

3. Where you play any game, or place a bet or wager, using the Website, you accept and agree to be bound by the Rules which apply to the applicable products available on the Website from time to time. The Rules can be found on the footer of the Poolbet website.

4. Bringing to your notice, the right to access and/or use the Website (including any or all the products offered via the Website) may be illegal in certain countries. You are responsible for determining whether you’re accessing and/or use of the Website in a gambling free area.

5. Reference to “User”, “Customer”, “you” and “your” refers to you, the private person accessing any part of the Website, registering an Account and/or using any of the Services. Your continued use of the Website and/or the Services, as the case may be, shows you are accept our terms and conditions.

Pre-conditions To Creating An Account

When you apply to open an Account with us, you hereby agree, warrant and represent that:

1. You are over the age of 18, you are of sound mind and capable of entering into a legally binding agreement with us.

2. You will provide us with correct and accurate information and documentation regarding your registration.

3. You are entirely responsible for complying (and that you comply) with your own local, national, federal, state or other laws concerning betting and gaming prior to opening an Account, placing any bets, stakes or wagers (together "Bets") or using the Services. In particular, if you live in a country where use of a particular service is prohibited, you must not (i) register with us for the applicable Service; (ii) attempt to use that Service; or (iii) use your payment card or other payment method to undertake betting or gaming with us for the unlawful Service.

4. You are not prohibited for any reason from betting with us or from using the Services.

5. Poolbet may confirm a customer’s address by posting an address verification letter to the customer. Enclosures may include a rule book or a leaflet. All correspondence will be discreet, and the envelope will not display any reference to Poolbet. When such correspondence is initiated, all offers, and withdrawal requests may remain pending until the address has been confirmed as correct.

6. As part of the registration process, we may supply your information details to authorised credit reference agencies to confirm your identity and payment card details. You agree that we may process such information in connection with your registration.

7. For various legal and/or commercial reasons, we do not permit (to the extent within our control) Accounts to be opened by, or used from, customers based in certain jurisdictions as decided by us.

8. If, under any circumstances, a third-party gains access to your Account, you are wholly responsible for their actions, regardless of whether or not you authorized them to access the Account. We cannot be held liable for any costs, expenses or damages that might arise from any such third-party access to your Account. By agreeing to the above, you indemnify us against any such liability.

9. You will not use our website in a manner that will alter its contents or introduce malicious materials on the website.

10. We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions, or any of the Exchange Rules and Regulations, at any time. Any changes will be duly communicated to registered users.

11. Any charges arising from failed transactions (e.g. due to an expired card or where you have changed your address but not updated the payment method registered address) will be recharged to the customer.

Account Opening

1. Poolbet allows all its users to choose their own Username and Password combination for their account. Users must keep this information secret and confidential as you are responsible for all bets/wagers placed on your account and any other activities taking place on your account.

2. If, at any time, you feel a third-party is aware of your Username, Password and/or Passcode you should change it immediately via the Website. Should you forget part or all your combination, please Contact Us.

3. You are prohibited from selling your Account or from transferring any accrued benefits on the Account to a third party. Furthermore, under no circumstances are you permitted to acquire, or attempt to acquire, an Account belonging to any person other than you, either with or without their permission.

4. Poolbet does not allow any employee, anyone else in any way connected to such employee or anyone otherwise connected to a third party service provider (to be determined at Poolbet’s absolute discretion) to bet on any market or event where the respective service provider is providing the service to Poolbet. All such bets shall be void.

5. Every Customer may open only one Account. If we have reasonable grounds to believe that you have more than one Account (including any Accounts you opened with misspellings or different variations of your name or email) and we reasonably believe that multiple Accounts have been opened or used in breach of the Terms of Use, we may close your Accounts, or allow you to retain the first Account you opened with us. We will be entitled to declare all bets placed under any duplicate Account(s) as void and withhold any winning payments.

6. You can request termination of your Account whenever you wish by sending a request to the Customer Service in writing, via email to info@poolbet.world or visiting their Account.

Account Security

1. The name associated with any payment method that you use for transactions on your account must be identical to that of the account holder. You will not be able to open an account with us if those names do not match. Any charges incurred by the payment services provider will be recharged to the customer’s account.

2. Poolbet has no other reason to believe at the time of acceptance of the Bet that the Bet was not placed by you, subject to the foregoing, Poolbet will not be liable for any loss that you may incur as a result of misuse of usernames or passwords or from any unauthorized use of your Account, whether fraudulent or otherwise. You agree to indemnify us and hold us harmless against any costs, claims, damages and expenses arising in connection with the use of, or access to your Account by any third party as a result of your negligence, breach of these Terms of Use, fraud, dishonesty or criminal activities.

3. Please contact us as soon as possible if you have lost or forgotten your Account details. You agree to inform us as soon as is possible (by telephone, where possible) if you believe that your Account information is being misused by a third party so that we may suspend your Account to prevent further abuse.

4. No winnings will be paid to any user who has not satisfactorily passed our KYC and ID verification processes.

5. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to conduct checks against your registered details to ensure the accuracy of information you have provided and we shall be entitled to demand further evidence as to your age, capacity to legally contract with us, country of residence or any other information needed to comply with our obligations, at any time in the future.

6. The name associated with any payment method that you use for transactions on your account must be identical to that of the account holder. You will not be able to open an account with us if those names do not match. Any charges incurred by the payment services provider will be recharged to the customer’s account.

Deposit And Withdrawal Of Funds

1. To place a bet with us, you need to deposit funds in your Account e.g. by a bank transfer, e-wallet or bank card. JCB cards are not acceptable. Payment transactions using corporate cards are not permitted. The maximum number of payment methods that you may have on your account is three.

2. For payment methods that require a specific account holder, you should only deposit funds into your gambling account from a source where you are the named account holder. In such cases where Poolbet identifies that the named account holder differs from that which Poolbet holds, we reserve the right to treat any deposits into the gambling account as being invalid (and any winnings arising from such deposit as void).

3. You cannot deposit funds into your Poolbet account and decide to withdraw it. You can only payout from your winnings.

4. We may request for a means of identification to confirm the identity of account owner (KYC) as requested by regulatory bodies and to comply with relevant anti laundering provisions.

5. Bank Payouts are usually processed within 24 hours. That means if you place a payout request on Monday, you are expected to receive it on Tuesday.

6. All payouts will be audited before processing. If audit shows a violation of our Terms & Conditions, rigging or fraud, such payouts will not be processed and in most cases such winning bets would be voided.

7. We operate a closed loop policy which enforces the withdrawal of funds back to their source. You will be required to level off any deposits made with the same amount of withdrawals before you can withdraw any excess funds back via another payment source. This policy protects both us, and our customers against fraud and money laundering.

8. We are unable to issue you a refund on any funds deposited in your Account. If you decide that you wish to withdraw the funds in your Account, you must do so using the same payment method when you deposited the funds. You will be required to level off any deposits made with the same amount of withdrawals using the original payment method before any additional funds can be withdrawn to other registered payment methods.

9. Poolbet does not charge for deposits made by Debit/Credit Card, however, please be aware that some card issuers consider betting transactions as ‘cash’ payments and therefore may charge you a cash advance fee. Please check with your card issuer for further details.

Betting Procedures

1. Poolbet reserves the right to decline all, or part, of any bet/wager requested at its sole and absolute discretion. All bets/wagers are placed at your own risk and discretion.

2. We only accept bets/wagers made online (including via mobile device or downloadable applications on a mobile device) Bets/wagers are not accepted in any other form (post, email, fax, etc.) and where received will be invalid and void - win or lose. Bets are accepted until the kick-off time that is advertised. If a Bet is accepted for a match after its kick-off time, the bet will be void. An exclusion to this rule would be made for “live betting”, where placing bets after the match has started. Live events bets are considered to be valid if they were made before the end of the match. All bets place are final. Customers cannot cancel their stakes after submitting their bets

3. We are not liable for the settlement of any bets that are not Accepted Bets or for invalid bets. The winnings due on undisputed valid bets made from the cash balance of your Account will be added to the cash balance of your Account once settled. This balance will remain on your Account unless you submit a request that part, or all, of the qualifying balance for withdrawal.

4. Bets/wagers will not be confirmed if there are insufficient funds in your account.

5. Should a dispute arise, you and Poolbet agree that the Poolbet transaction log database will be the ultimate authority in such matters.

6. Certain tournaments and events may have special rules e.g Soccer tournaments that have 3 halves or are less than 90 minutes. Please note that it is the responsibility of the Punter to research on the games they intend to bet on and how its particular rules might influence their betting decisions

7. For telephone bets/wagers 'acceptance confirmed' will be deemed only after an operator has completed a full read back of the bet/wager details and confirmed to the customer that the bet/wager has been successfully processed and accepted.

Gaming Errors And Omissions

1. Poolbet makes every effort to ensure that no errors are made in prices offered or Bets accepted. However, human and/or systems’ error may occasionally result in errors.

2. In the case of any blatant errors in prices transmitted (including for example where the price being displayed is materially different from those available in the general market and/or the price is clearly incorrect, depending on all of the circumstances), Bets will be settled at the correct price at the time of acceptance (or the Starting Price in the case of horse-racing, whichever is the greater). If a Bet is accepted by us on an event where offering a price on the event itself (rather than the price) was in error, the Bet will be void and your stake will be returned.

3. In the event of errors relating to the random number generators used in certain of the Services, Poolbet reserves the right to void all Bets on the games affected and your stake will be returned.

4. Poolbet correct any Error made on a bet placed and re-settle the same at the correct price or terms which were available or should have been available on the Website at the time that the bet was placed and the bet will be deemed to have taken place on the terms which were usual for that bet.

5. In circumstances where the Error has resulted from your fraudulent or prohibited activity or activity under your Account in breach of the Terms of Use, to void the bet and terminate your Account.

6. Should funds be credited to a customer’s Account in error, it is the customer’s responsibility to notify Poolbet of the error without delay. Any winnings subsequent to the error and prior to the notification of Poolbet, whether linked to the error or not, shall be deemed invalid and returned to, or otherwise be reclaimable by, Poolbet.

7. Where you have used money which have been credited to your Account or awarded to you as a result of an error to place subsequent bets or play games, we may cancel such bets and/or withhold any winnings which you may have won with such monies, and if we have paid out on any such bets or gaming activities, such amounts shall be deemed to be held by you on trust for us and you shall be immediately repaid to us when a demand for payment is made by us to you.

8. If we wrongly pay an amount to you or we pay you more than the amount to which you are properly entitled to, you agree to repay to us immediately upon request from us the amount that has been wrongly paid or overpaid to you. The Customer must inform Poolbet as soon as possible of any amount wrongly credited to their Account. We have the authority to adjust your Account to reflect the true outcome and rectify the Error. This includes, without limitation, cancelling the bets or winnings from the events or games where you have used the funds, which have been credited to the Account or awarded to you as a result of an Error.

9. Neither we (including our employees), nor our partners or suppliers, shall be liable for any loss, including loss of winnings, that results from any Error by us or any mistake made by you in utilizing the Services.

10. You shall inform us as soon as reasonably practicable should you become aware of any Error and stop immediately any further activity in relation to the Service(s) the Error applies to.

Gaming Responsibly

1. We believe in Responsible Gaming and take our responsibility in this matter seriously. Gambling should be an exciting pastime, and we urge our Customers to have fun, but not bet beyond their means. Poolbet is committed to endorsing responsible wagering among its Customers as well as promoting the awareness of problem gambling and improving prevention, intervention and treatment.

2. The Customer may request to our Customer Service temporary or permanent self-exclusion from part or all of the Services as well as the termination of the Account at any time.

3. We undertake any effort in order to ensure your pleasant online gaming experience while playing in Poolbet, keeping full awareness of the financial harms associated with problem gambling. With regard to the purposes pointed out herewith, we do strongly suggest our Customers to try keeping clearly separate gambling from his/her daily activities; considering the lasting time of each gambling session before its commencing; not to treat gambling as an alternative source of income or a way to recoup debit.

Cancellation Of A Bet

1. You may cancel any unmatched bets at any time when the Market is open. This is done manually by you whilst you are logged in to your Account.

2. You must be aware that bets might be wholly or partially matched during the time that you go to cancel them, and that no bet is cancelled either wholly or in part until you see confirmation in your Account.

Suspension Or Closure Of Your Account

1. You may close or suspend your Account at any time by contacting our Customer Service.

2. We reserve the right to suspend or close your Account at any time, either with or without cause or due notice to you. We will use our reasonable endeavors to give you notice either before or shortly after suspending or closing your Account if advance notice is not possible.

3. If we become aware, or have cause to suspect, that you are in certain jurisdictions where gambling or betting is restricted or prohibited, we will take steps to block you from using our website.

4. Following the closure or suspension of your Account, we will, in the normal course of events, return any outstanding funds in your Account to you, subject to any charges or fees and the availability of the payment method(s) by which the original deposit was made. Where we have reasonable grounds to believe or suspect that such funds were obtained illegally or unlawfully through cheating, collusion or proceeds of crime, we may withhold such funds as per our Terms and Conditions or any requirement of regulations, legislation or by law enforcement agencies. In addition, if we note any suspicious or criminal activity on your Account, we will report it to the appropriate authorities.

5. Where a further identification request has been made by law enforcement agencies, industry regulators, tax authorities or other regulatory authorities, to identify you, we will notify you of such request. In the event that you fail to provide us with sufficient identification information, we may suspend your Account and withhold any outstanding funds until such time as you provide the requested information or pending final determination of any investigation which may relate to such request.

Rights Of Set-Off

Poolbet may at any time, and without notice to you, set off any liability owed to us or to our users by you, including (without limitation) in relation to any Account in your name or which we believe to be under your control. Also may be required by law to conduct certain checks on customers or those applying to open a new Account. Where we are required by law or otherwise determine to close an Account for a breach of these Terms of Use, your attention is brought to the following terms:

1. All previous Bets will be voidable at the option of Poolbet and any winnings which you have accrued will be forfeited by you and you will return to us on demand any such funds which have been withdrawn from your Account.

2. Against any liability that we determine that you have to us, pursuant to these Terms and Conditions, including (without limitation) our Charges.

3. Any stakes for Bets made but for which the event is not yet completed will be returned to you other than in the event of any outstanding charge-backs or any other amounts owed to us at that time.

System Failure, Hacking And Other Offences

1. Poolbet shall not be liable for any Bet not being placed for any reason (unless as a result of negligence by Poolbet) or you being disconnected from the Services, including but not limited to failure or disconnection of computer, telecommunications services, internet or otherwise, and the balance of your Account will at all times be as is recorded on our server.

2. We reserve the right to pursue you for any loss we suffer as a result of any infringement by you of any of your obligations under this Clause 15. Further, please be aware that we may share your details with law enforcement authorities in the case of any criminal, or suspected criminal, activities by you.

3. You warrant, represent and undertake that you shall not knowingly or negligently interrupt, corrupt or exploit for any purposes not intended by Poolbet any of our Services

4. Poolbet reserves the right to seek criminal or other sanctions against you if we suspect you have engaged in fraudulent, dishonest or criminal acts and we will disclose such information to the relevant authorities or other relevant third parties (for example, payment service providers) as may be necessary in this regard.

5. Poolbet reserves the right to suspend or terminate any Account it believes to be involved in fraud, money laundering and/or any other form of illegal or suspicious activities and to report such details as it reasonably considers are necessary to relevant authorities.


The services are provided ‘as is’ without any express or implied warranty of any kind, and all warranties including warranties of merchantability, non-infringement of intellectual property rights, fitness for any particular purpose, and of completeness or accuracy of content are hereby excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law. Neither Poolbet nor any of its licensors gives any warranty that the supply of material and content on the websites (including but not limited to racing silks, form and racing previews) will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error free or that the websites and the services are free of viruses or bugs and no warranties are given as to the accuracy of material or content comprising the services.


If any provision of the Terms of Use is found by any court or administrative body of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the other provisions of the Terms of Use which shall remain in full force and effect. In such instances, the part declared invalid or unenforceable shall be amended in a manner consistent with the applicable law to reflect, as closely as possible, Bet9ja’s original intent.

Conditions Relating To Third Party

1. On selected Markets, we may provide you with third party data in the form of live scores, streaming, or statistics. We do this in an attempt to enhance your experience with us.

2. Where we provide access to third-party data, we give no guarantee as to the accuracy, quality, completeness or latency of this information. Any user that makes use of this data does so entirely at their own risk and Bet Ltd takes no warranty of any kind as to actions taken based on such information.

3. Unless expressly stated, nothing in the Terms of Use shall create or confer any rights or any other benefits whether pursuant to the statue or otherwise in favour of any person other than you and Bet9Ja respectively.

4. Where we link to any third-party website, this in no way constitutes an endorsement of any products, services, or opinions available on those websites. You access those websites at your own risk, and we cannot accept any responsibility for any damage or loss that you experience as a result of accessing or using the services offered by any of these websites


No failure or delay by a party to exercise any of its rights under these Terms and Conditions shall operate as a waiver thereof and no single or partial exercise of any such right shall prevent any other or further exercise of that or any other right.

Your Conducts

1. You will use the tools and information from our Services solely in compliance with the applicable law.

2. You will not collude with other users and attempt to use our Exchange to intentionally move money from one Account to another by trying to match bets on a Market with another Account.

3. You agree to notify us immediately if you become aware of any errors related to your Account and personal details and acknowledge that you will forfeit any amounts shown to be in your Account as a result of human error or technological fault. We will endeavor to rectify such errors and reserve the right to declare void any bets that are the subject of such an error.

4. You will not act in a manner that deliberately disguises or conceals the IP address of the device you are using to access our Exchange or take calculated steps to prevent us from correctly identifying your IP address to ascertain that you are not located in a jurisdiction where betting is illegal or prohibited.

5. You are solely responsible for the payment of any taxes or duties related to your betting transactions, according to the legislation in your jurisdiction.

6. Unless you inform us as soon as you become aware of any errors related to any player protection mechanisms we provide to you, we shall not be liable for any losses which you may experience as a result of any such errors or failings.

7. You agree not to make offensive comments, use offensive or pornographic material or make potentially defamatory or inflammatory remarks on any forum which we may offer on our website from time to time, or on any other part of our website which may include your username, or other information which you may have put on our website.

Limitations of Liability

1. We are not liable for the failure of any equipment or software, wherever located or administered, or whether under our direct control or not, that may prevent the operation of our services, impede the placing of orders for bets or the acceptance of bets, or prevent you from being able to contact us. We will not be liable for any loss of content or material uploaded or transmitted through the websites and you confirm that we shall not be liable to you or any third party for any modification to, or suspension or discontinuance of, the services. We reserve the right to cancel or suspend the services without incurring any liability.

2. While Poolbet endeavors to ensure that the information on the Website is correct, Poolbet does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information and material on the Website. The Website may contain typographical errors or other inaccuracies, or information that is out of date. Poolbet is under no obligation to update such material. The information and material on the Website is provided “as is”, without any conditions, warranties, or other terms of any kind. Accordingly, to the maximum extent permitted by law, Poolbet provides you with the Website on the basis that Poolbet excludes all representations, express or implied warranties, conditions, and other terms which but for these terms and conditions might have effect in relation to the Website.

3. We shall not be liable, in contract, tort (including negligence) or for breach of statutory duty or in any other way for any of the following (whether incurred directly or indirectly): loss of profits;

• loss of revenue;

• loss of profits;

• loss of opportunity;

• loss of data;

• loss of goodwill or reputation; or

• any special, indirect, or consequential losses,

• whether or not such losses were within the contemplation of the parties at the date of these terms and conditions.

4. Nothing in this Section shall limit Poolbet's liability to pay the customer winnings or other sums properly owing to it, subject always to terms and conditions set out herein and the maximum winnings on products in Appendix Two to these Terms and Conditions.

5. You lawfully accept that by using the services, there is a risk that you may, as well as winning money, lose money. You agree that your use of the services is at your own risk and we accept no responsibility and shall not be liable for any consequences that are alleged to have occurred through your use, or misuse, of the services.

Intellectual Property Rights

1. The contents of the Website are protected by international copyright laws and other intellectual property rights. The owner of these rights is Poolbet, its affiliates or other third-party licensors.

2. All product and company names and logos mentioned on the Website are the trademarks, service marks or trading names of their respective owners, including Poolbet.

3. If you make use of a feature that allows you to upload material, information, comments, postings, or other content to the Website ("User Content"), then the User Content will be non-confidential and non-proprietary and Poolbet has the right to use, copy, distribute and disclose to third parties any User Content for any purpose. Poolbet also has the right to disclose your identity to any third-party who is claiming that any User Content posted or uploaded by you to the Website constitutes a violation of their intellectual property rights or of their right to privacy. Poolbet has the right to remove, amend or edit any User Content you make on the Website.

4. Any commercial use or exploitation of the Website or its content is strictly prohibited.

For Complaints, Claims, Disputes, Governing Law & Jurisdiction

1. Should there be any claim or dispute arising from a past or current transaction, please Contact Us. If Poolbet is unable to settle the dispute, either party is entitled to refer the dispute to an arbiter, such as the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) or via the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform, whose decision will be final (save in respect of any manifest error) subject to full representation given to all parties involved. No dispute regarding any bet/wager will result in litigation, court action or objection to a bookmaker’s license or permit (including any remote operator’s license or personal license) unless Poolbet fails to implement the decision given by arbitration. You may send an email to support@poolbet.world.

2. All complaints regarding a bet placed through the Services or a game played, must be communicated to Poolbet within 15 calendar days from the date of the settlement of the bet, or if still pending, from the date of acceptance of the bet. All complaints must be addressed to Customer Services, and need to include your Account User ID and the details of the transaction.

3. All claims with regards to unresolved complaints or any disputes regarding the outcome of the complaint resolution must be sent in writing to Customer Services within 15 calendar days from the date of the resolution of the complaint. Ensure to include your Account User ID, the details of the transaction your claim relates to and all the relevant correspondence with Customer Service. Failure to provide the correct and full details, or requests sent after 15 calendar days from the date of the resolution of the complaint, will result in disregarding the claim.

4. Offensive or rude language, as well as malicious or damaging comments, will not be tolerated while contacting our staff or while discussing our products and services in any media, network or forum. Any infringement of this policy will result in a suspension of the Account or in every additional action as may be permitted by law.